Saturday, February 2, 2013

Growing up in Christ

The Kingdom of God is Here! Over 350 students gathered to hear this message over MLK weekend.  As I mentioned last month, guest speaker Geoff Mummley came to share the message of the kingdom with us at camp.  As the resident pregnant lady seated in the back of our meeting space (near restrooms,water, and snacks) I got to soak in the big picture of hundreds of students hanging on every word of scripture read and returning each session eager for more!  You would have loved to see the spirit move so powerfully in the lives of so many young people.  At our last session you would have seen groups of students excitedly planning how they were going to show others the kingdom in their chosen careers.  Teachers, photojournalists, music majors and more, all brainstorming how they will use their gifts to bring the kingdom to others. Matt and Melissa, who are far more tech savvy than myself, have posted a link to the camp talks on their blog pages. I encourage you to check them out...I am sure they will bless you as they have me. Here are a few pictures of the awesome students you are impacting with your prayers and support.

FOCUS Winter Camp 2013 All 4 Campuses!

UNT @ FOCUS Winter Camp 2013!

You would have been challenged to grow up in Christ last Friday night as Matt introduced the first sermon of the semester. He challenged us to remember what God has done for us and that he has called us to a ministry of reconciliation.  We can't fulfill His mission if we are still infants needing milk instead of growing up and eating solid food.  I preached my last sermon of the semester last night continuing on that theme and adding what it looks like to experience our new life daily.  We were challenged to develop spiritual disciplines, participate in the work God is doing in us, and participate in what God is doing in those around us.  How are you working with God in your life?

Our annual Parent Night/Open House is coming up soon!  Our community would love to see you there. We will hear from students and parents about their experience in the ministry. I guarantee you won't want to miss it!
Personally this is a bittersweet time for me. As I eagerly await becoming a parent I must also begin to transition my role at UNT. I have already started making more phone appointments as travel is getting more difficult.  Please continue to pray that the babies will not make their debut until late March!  

Thank you for all that you do!

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