Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lots of news!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers!  We get to see the fruit of those prayers everyday as we work with the ministry. I know that you only get these small windows to catch a glimpse of what God is doing to answer those prayers.  Please know how much we appreciate your faithfulness and what power it has in the kingdom!

     I have the privilege of co-leading a small group of student leaders called a peer team.  In this group the student leaders come together to share news, be encouraged, grow in their spiritual lives and build friendship.  This year we are studying through the book Finding Calcutta by Mary Poplin.  Mary shares about when she went to volunteer with Mother Teresa and the lessons she learned about God and herself while she was there.  This book has really sparked some powerful conversations as we look into our own lives and our relationships with God. I personally have been really challenged by the questions the girls are asking!

   Several students collected donations to throw a costume party this past Sunday.  The party was a blast!  Students brought guests that had not attended a FOCUS event this year, but felt comfortable coming to a party.  It was a fun night of fellowship, but that wasn't what impressed me most.  What impressed me was the incentive that the students had to plan the function on their own and the fact that so many students gave generously to make it a success.
A sampling of the awesome costumes
The most exciting news is the baptism that took place tonight!  Ana, one of our student leaders, has been studying the bible with Marissa, another student at UNT, for a while now.  Recently Ana really challenged her to step up and totally give her life to God.  Marissa's answer was absolutely yes!
A picture before the cold water :)
Praise God!
I will close out this post with an exciting bit of personal news...My husband and I are expecting twins!!!  The little Knoles will be arriving sometime in late March or early April.  More updates to come!

Thanks again for everything you do!



  1. Haha, I love the costumes! I went as Velma one year... And I love seeing the commitment to get baptized in cold water - that's when you know people are stepping outside their comfort zone ;) Welcome to the family Marissa!

  2. Exciting stuff! I'd love to hear a specific lesson that stood out to y'all from Finding Calcutta. And for some reason the baptism pictures are really tiny!