Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Update!

You have made so many remarkable things possible with your prayers and support!

Our student leader team of around 40 students had their student leader retreat on August 18th-19th. The students shared in worship, laughter and vision casting.  Each leader shared his or her personal vision for the ministry this school year.  They reminded me to dream big...God can do awesome things! We also set up a worship night where the students could go around and experience God in different ways.  Some stations focused on meditation, others on prayer, some on seeing God in the things around us.  It was a powerful evening of reflection and praise! When the weekend was over and retreat was packed up our entire group descended on Rosa's Cafe for one final hour of fellowship before parting ways. God really brought our group together during this retreat.

Welcome week got off to a great start with many of our students coming out to help new students move in on campus.  Our students had the opportunity to serve and connect with hundreds of students this week!  We sponsored 2 capture the flag/game nights this week as well as attending numerous on campus events such as the Mean Green Fling.  I had the pleasure of being introduced to so many new students courtesy of our student leaders who had been working hard to not only meet people, but build real friendships.

Our official Friday Night Fellowship Kick-off was last night.  As I stood at the front of room 311 in Mathews Hall I was awed by all the visitors.  Even though they were new they came in confidently because every one of them had a friend there to greet them.  Students that looked like they had known each other for years I discovered had met only days before. At the rate God is working we are going to need a bigger room!  Former campus pastor Brad Davis was there to introduce Matt, Melissa and I as this year's new staff.   Matt and I took a few minutes to share our stories and why we have a passion for campus ministry to help the community get to know us. Perhaps one of the most moving parts of the night was having  the students leaders pray for us and commission us to lead them. 

God is so good! Thank you for letting Him work through you to do great things!


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  1. Did you really write this at 4:32 AM? I'm so excited about what's going on up there--you guys are doing an outstanding job with an outstanding team. The cool thing about all those new friendships is that there's always a price to opening up time in our schedules and our hearts for new people. ANd those students are so willing to pay that price! God is proud of that kind of sacrifice.